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Foshan Tuffplus Auto Lighting Co., Ltd.

Sealed beam LED headlights, LED fog lights, LED driving lights, LED work lights, LED light bars, LED headlight conver...

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    Bldg. AB, Ritian Park, Ritian Road, Songxia Tech Park, Songgang Town, Nanhai Dist., Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Foshan Tuffplus Auto Lighting Co., Ltd. is a progressive manufacturer that was established with one goal: growing to be your foremost provider of high quality automotive lighting products, accompanying the evolution from being your supplier that merely brings your business good ROI to a strategic partner that creates value for you. Tuffplus does everything with this goal in mind and strive toward continuous improvement in all aspects of its business for 100% customer satisfaction by providing creative products and innovative solutions that maximize real-world vaue for your investment. Since its inception in 2014, Tuffplus began transforming the automotive markets by delivering technological innovation to the marketplace through a perfect blend of best-in-class product performance and striking industrial design.

Tuffplus takes pride in its cutting edge portfolio of LED products that make use of the latest technology. Built tough to Tuffplus's strict specifications, its sealed beam LED headlights and LED fog lights set new performance benchmarks for durability and performance. The LED headlight assembly shines a tight penetrating beam with exceptional control that creates uniform and accurate beam pattern that is designed according to road safety regulations. Tuffplus sealed beam fog lights create an enhanced flux output and improved visibility even in extremely dusty or foggy conditions, with cutoff in the produced light pattern and thereby wipes away glare. Tuffplus LED driving lights, LED work lights and LED light bars are designed to fulfill the highest quality standards for applications where a robust performance is required. The rock solid cast aluminum construction with UV-resistant automotive coating and hard coated polycarbonate lens are designed to meet the demanding vibration levels and withstand and outlast harsh environmental conditions. These high output utility LED lights available in flood (dispersive) beam for heavy equipment usage, construction site illumination, mining or marine lighting, and spot (intensive) beam for off road vehicles, motorcycles, racing vehicles and  ATVs where a powerful intense beam is required. Tuffplus also offers a range of LED headlight bulbs that provide a multitude of advantages, including greater visibility, unrivalled reliability and remarkable efficiency.

Tuffplus strives for excellence and outshines its competitors through its uncompromising emphasis on building a compelling technology portfolio. Tuffplus products combine the forefront development in solid state lighting with proprietary thermal management design and precision reflector optics. The company's commitment to value creation is also translated by its cost-effective integrated manufacturing solutions. Encompassing a 120,000 square foot manufacturing space, Tuffplus' TS16949 certified manufacturing facilities are thoroughly equipped to produce all major components. The company invested its own die casting, CNC, painting, powder coating, LED packaging, SMT, fixture assembly and testing facilities to offer truly vertically-integrated manufacturing. These in-house capabilities provide incomparable manufacturing efficiency, reduced production costs, accelerated time-to-market, as well as a high level of consistency in quality management.
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